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Author's note: This is ment to take place after Zoey and the others have escaped in left 4 dead. In this I also made Zoey younger than I think she is in the game. In this Zoey has gone back alone to look for a possible cure for the infection, but she could not expect what happened......

Bellies 4 dead

Zoey quietly opened the safe house door and looked slowly around. Seeing no zombies, she lowered her M-16 and walked out. Things where different now. Without the others she had to be quieter and a whole lot less trigger happy. Zoey checked the map. Dr. Ty neemn's safe house was through some alleys, and you know what that means. Zoey groan impatiently, she would have to go thru a horde to get there. She walked over to a warehouse near the alley and looked out the window. Yup, just as she had expected, a large horde stoop between her and the safe house. She reached into her backpack and pulled out a jar of boomer bile. This type of bile attracts zombies more than normal bile and explodes on contact with zombies. The bile, however, can only be gotten one way. Zoey shuttered as she remembered how she had to rub and jiggle the breasts and belly of a sleeping female boomer for two hours till it puked it up. Zoey threw the jar into the middle of the zombies and waited until she heard the explosion telling her that the bile did it's job. Then she jumped out and shot all the remaining zombies and ran to the safe house door.

She banged on the door and said," Dr Ty? Are you in there?".

She heard the sound of the door opening and looked up to see the doctor standing in the doorway. He was rather small, only about 4 1/2 to 5 feet tall.

"My name is Zoey and I've come to talk to you about stopping the infection", she said.

" Come in,", he said.

As soon as they were in he closed the door and asked what Zoey wanted. She put her M-16 on the table and said she wanted to find a way to stop the infection.

The Dr. sighed and said," The infection cannot be stopped, there is no cure, for the fully infected.", he said," But there is hope for the partially infected.".

"What is a partially infected?", Zoey asked.

"Partially infected aka crazys, are people who are not fully zombie, yet not fully human. They have taken on the transformation from human to zombie but do not have the full zombie mindset. The human side can be reached if they are aproached calmly not firing any sort of gun.".

"But how can you find a crazy and tell the difference?", Zoey asked.

"This device can detect a crazy from a distance twice the size of this room.", he said motioning to a modifided device.

"Can crazys be cured?", she asked.

"The only man known to be able to cure crazys is evacuating people on the other side of the city.", he said.

"Then I am going to find him and cure every crazy I can find!" Zoey declared.

"Unfortunately your not,", said the Doctor."You see, I have been stuck here without any, pleasures.", he said looking at her breasts, which had grown bigger since her time with Francis, Bill, and Louis."And I also want to carry on my, genetic legacy.", he said with an evil laugh.

Zoey glanced over at her M-16. The doctor got wind of her intent and pulled out a katana as big as he was. Zoey knew this could be the end, when the crazy finder went off. Out of nowhere a female zombie in her teens to early 20s lept down from the ceiling and swallowed the doctor with a large gulp. Zoey grabbed her M-16 off the table and was ready to fire, but realized that this was the crazy the device was referring to.

Zoey lowered her gun and in a calm, soothing voice said,"Hey there.....,".

The zombie, belly jiggling from the struggling doctor, stopped and stared at Zoey.

"Can you talk?", asked Zoey.

"Y-y-yes", said the zombie.

"Your not like those other zombies are you?", said Zoey.

"N-n-no I'm not, I always knew I wasn't fully a zombie. But I can't remember what it was like to be a human.", the zombie girl said, tears in her eyes.

"I think I can help you be human again.", Zoey said.

"Really!?", said the zombie girl grabbing Zoey and squishing her up against her belly in a big hug,"Oh thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!!!!!!!".

"No problem,", said Zoey,"And thanks for saving me by the way.".

"No problem,", said the zombie girl,"Besides, I like the way he feels in my belly.", she giggled wile she rubbed her belly."I guess this is how boomers feel!", she said with a laugh in which Zoey joined.

"What's your name?", said Zoey.

"Synthia", said the zombie.

"Well Synthia, let's get to the evac to find you the cure!", Zoey said taking the Katana off the floor and opening the safe house door. They had just stepped outside, when a creature that looked like a cross between a dog and a tick leaped onto Zoey's belly. With a screech Synthia grabbed the creature and ripped it in half but it was too late. Zoey moaned and grabbed her stomach as it grew, and grew, and grew until she looked 9 months pregnant.

"What happened!", Zoey gasped.

"That was a leech,", said Synthia,"They latch onto a host and implant it with a baby leech, where it stays and matures until it eats you from the inside out, which is a couple of days.".

"So I'm pregnant with a zombie!", said Zoey. As she said that there was a ripping sound as her breasts grew and ripped her bra a little.

"Yes", said Synthia,"We better get to the evac in time to destroy it before its to late."
Left 4 dead bellies!

I thought it was time someone made a belly related story about left 4 dead. Look for part 2 coming soon.

It is my dream to someday get these storys made into comics. Unfortunately not only am I poor, but I have no bank account yet. Even if I did my parents hate my love of bellies and would notice if the money left the account until I get to collage. I need a job and drawing lessons lol!

Please leave ideas and comments I would like to talk to people but forgive me if I don't answer back right away. I will take all ideas into account and might add them into the story.

Part 2. [link]

Part 3: [link]
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